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Thanks to everyone that participated in the inaugural QSO Party! We will be in contact with all the participates in the coming weeks! 

2024 SEC QSO Party


The upcoming inaugural SEC QSO Party is not just another event on the amateur radio calendar; it’s a chance to build camaraderie among school clubs within the SEC.  What makes this event even more special is its alignment with the fervor of the SEC Championship Football Game weekend. By establishing the QSO party on this particular weekend, we aim to make it an annual tradition, intertwining the excitement of amateur radio with the excitement of SEC football. We wholeheartedly encourage all amateurs to participate and take advantage of this opportunity to connect with as many school clubs as possible, spanning various modes and bands.  We will be issuing a digital certificate, and encourage all SEC clubs involved to send a special QSL card for this event. More details on this soon, we hope to see you on the air!

Updates for 2024 Events Coming Soon!

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